Lawyer’s Life Mastery


“I realized that the true function of a lawyer was to unite parties riven asunder.” ~ Gandhi


We lawyers are at the forefront of conflict every day. The trouble is, we are trained to focus in on our client’s point of view whilst discounting the view of the other party in the conflict. With this approach to our job, it feels like we enter into battle every day. Going into battle every day does not add up to a purposeful life, in my view. In fact, it’s exhausting!

I have been practising law in a way that sees the perspective of all players in the game. This has allowed me to find real personal rewards in resolving conflict, so that everyone benefits in some way. But to be able do this requires a shift in how lawyers approach their work. We need to gain an ability to see the bigger picture. We need to be able to really see what life means. That, I’m afraid is an area in which many fear to tread.

Yes, we have been taught mindfulness. Yes, we understand that strange creature called meditation will take us to a peaceful place. In my Lawyer’s Life Mastery courses, I will take you deeper. I will show you how to find your true purpose. You will understand simple techniques to solve recurring glitches in your own life. You will see life as you’ve not seen it before. It is then you will be able to see how the profession you worked so hard to become a part, can serve yourself and others in a conscious and satisfying way. Yes, peace and contentment can be yours.

Earn CPD whilst improving your own life. It’s the only LLM you’ll ever need.




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